The Bright Side Of George

A few days after George had bid us a swift but temporary farewell, his car pulled up outside the residence where I work at 2pm and he came bounding through the garden gate like Lassie with a pack of dogs in hot, horny pursuit.

I watched him pull up in his car and I went to open the the padlock on the gate to let him in and for me to stand outside the grounds and take in some of my ecig (I’m doing my best to stop smoking!) I greeted his gazelle bounce with “I’m just having som…..” and he stopped me mid sentence by saying “It’s ok John, I understand how things work, so do exactly as you always do, I’m not that kind of manager, I’m one of the lads”. So I closed and locked the gate behind him and made a smoke signal to indicate big chief sitting bull had declared peace and tranquillity.

I immediately recognized an opportunity for a gentle wind-up when one of my colleagues walked out through the patio doors of the house next door and onto the back garden to greet his ill prepared workmate! Steve (I’ve spoken about him before in a previous post, the man with the vocal ability to render dogs stone deaf) stood there smiling his Sunday best. Steve is a devout Christian (I have no problem with that) so as Steven’s eyes locked with George, I shouted over an introduction, saying “Steve, this is George, he worships the Devil.”

Steve’s expression changed instantly and he turned around, walked into the house and slammed the patio doors shut. George glanced at me as he hurried towards the patio doors and utter the word ‘Twat’ in my direction.

I disappeared into the house I was working in chuckling to myself.

Not 10 minutes later George came around to my house and asked if Steve was for real, referring to his voice. George genuinely thought Steve was pretending to speak in a way that was difficult and painful to understand!!

When I explained that Steve genuinely spoke in that way, George said “You’ve really stitched me up haven’t ya, I canny understand a word”. Whilst laughing I explained that Steve was a lovely man who knew the job better than anyone, to which George replied whilst grinning “Bastard “, which made me laugh even more.

Throughout the first few hours of the shift, I popped around to ‘Check’ on their working relationship! Every time I saw them, Steve would be sat in the living room, interacting with the residents whilst watching television with them and George either mopping, sweeping or on his hands and knees, disinfecting the skirting boards, drips of sweat falling onto the laminated flooring. Of course I seized on the opportunity to ask Steve if he was busy, which caused George to look over in my direction and shake his head. George’s reaction didn’t go unnoticed by Steve, who ordered me to “Go away” and “Stop causing trouble “.

Between fits of laughter I informed George that a nice cold drink awaited him at the house i was working in if he was feeling dehydrated.

Strangely, as George mouthed “Piss off” in my direction, Steve shouted in tandem with George, an ear splitting “Gooooo” in my direction!! 🤣

In the next installment, I’ll carry on with the antics of George’s first shift with us.