I realise that I have no concept or genuine understanding of any religion but I always respect those who have. I like to think I am more than willing to listen to what and why some people believe in a higher entity or a better, alternative place when we die. I’m guessing It’s a comfort blanket for many people worldwide.
However, when all the pointless and mindless squabbles revolving around religious beliefs have been exhausted (Which of course will never happen) surely everyone must realise that we all enter and leave this existence simply breathing and not breathing. So the manner in which we choose to breath and live and grow as individuals is our own personal choice, which of course includes believing and not believing in a religion.

The deeper we breath, the further we are from what most of us dread, which is true even those with a devout, ingrained belief, the dread of the death of our body and our ‘Souls’.

This evolving, beautiful and frightening Frankenstein that we live on, this life we have created for ourselves, is slowly but surely turning against us.
So arguably, the problem and solution is learning to breath with the world, not stifle it with petty, unproven squabbles that have ultimately damaged this beautiful world we are lucky enough to live on.

My grandson Asti, who is 11, has no concept of religion, he just enjoys living, learning, playing, loving and being taken care of by people who love him. He knows how to live and he enjoys living better than many adults, because he is yet to be traumatised and shaped by the influence of ‘Enlightened’ adults who know better than he does!

I’m going to post a photograph very soon of Asti, who has taught himself to draw by watching a demonstration video online during the lockdown. The point being, life should be simple and could be simple if we just lived for the enjoyment. I know it’s not as easy as that for some people but maybe if we all sang from the same hymn sheet, it would be so much better.

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  1. I LOVE THIS ! Good for him! My daughter is largely self taught via video– like your grandson. She loves to draw and now animate! I cannot stress how important it is to learn and practice the things that bring you JOY!
    Great post.

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  2. Kids live for enjoyment in a way that adults are usually forced to leave behind in all their ‘grown-up’ striving. I can remember the unadulterated thrill of running down a beach to dive in the water; the first few football games where I realised I was a half-decent player; building dens out of farmers’ haystacks; and the absolute, unparalleled joy of riding a bike with the stabilisers off. Asti is in the middle of all that magic – and you’re a lucky so-and-so to be there and see the light dance in his eyes. I like being reminded of how our younger years are full of energy and joy. Nice post matey.

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      1. Bloody hell, I can’t imagine what it’s like for your old man. Dementia and Alzheimer’s too my mind are the cruelest diseases. Memories are the most precious thing we have as we grow older mate.

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  3. Being a child is the most beautiful phase of least once in a while, if we can be child-like, we too can enjoy the simplicity and beauty in this earth πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• My hi and hugs to Asti πŸ’•

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