Note To Self: I’m An Idiot!!

About 3 weeks ago it was my daughter Becky’s birthday. I hadn’t been able to see her for a few weeks because of this bloody Covid malarkey. Unfortunately, I was due to start work at 3pm on her big day but I made damn sure I went to see her for an hour before I started work. I stood outside her front door, passed her presents to her and had a cup of tea with her whilst social distancing and watching my grandchildren play in the living room (My daughter’s little boy Harry, my grandson, had been unwell and sent home from school, suspected of you-know-what, which it wasn’t) Before I arrived at my daughter’s house, I called into the petrol station to fill up.

When I left my daughter to drive to work, my car started jumping intermittently, slowing down and speeding up. The last thing I needed!

At 10pm, when I finished work, I got in my car with 2 workmates in tow (I was dropping them off at their homes) and put the key in the ignition. After several attempts, she (My car Bonnie) reluctantly spluttered to life. All the way home she jumped, jerked and complained (But not as much as me!)

The following morning I went out to the car and turned her on (Not in a sexual way) and Bonnie spat out a cloud of blue smoke in protest. I turned her off, went back into the house and informed the wife that little Bonnie had Covid! She laughed through gritted teeth and asked me if there was a chance I had put the wrong fuel in her?!?!

It was then it dawned on me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Bonnie drinks diesel, not fuckin unleaded petrol!!!! (Sorry for swearing) In a feeble attempt to excuse my mistake, I had come off a run of night shifts and only managed to get a few hours sleep before I was back at work. So I was tired and in a rush! No excuse I know, but it’s the only one I have so I’m sticking to it!

In the middle of calling myself all kinds of expletives, I searched Google for a local trusted trader. I felt like I’d murdered Bonnie. I scanned the pages of Google and noticed a company called ‘Fuel Doctor’. I rang the number and they came to my house about one hour later.

I was still cursing my stupidity when I saw a van with a rainbow of colours splashed down the side of it pull up outside my house. I went out to the van and began to hand my car keys to the guy climbing out of his van. My first words to him, before he spoke were ” I’ve been driving for 30 years and never made this f$^#ng mistake, putting unleaded in a diesel car, what a twat”!

The guy looked at me shocked but amused and said “I’m the window cleaner mate, but that’s a bummer “!

I looked at his van and it clearly stated, in big white letter ‘Window Cleaner’. I felt very stupid but Of course I apologised and as we laughed at my mistake, the ‘Fuel Doctor’ came around the corner in his bat mobile.

It took the ‘Doc’ 20 minutes to suck the poison out and pump the life giving nectar into Bonnie’s veins. The doc reassured me that she would fully recover from her traumatic experience.

Moral of the story. Don’t overdo it with the shift work and/or the rushing about like a blue arsed fly, or your very own Bonnie may receive an unwanted shock to the system!!

91 thoughts on “Note To Self: I’m An Idiot!!

  1. Never done it, but I’ve come close, especially when first getting a diesel car after years of petrol ones. Hope all is well now, and the window cleaner wasn’t too traumatised…

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  2. I did exactly the same! It was about 5 months after my mum had died. I was with a friend and I realised what I done immediately. I ran towards the friend who was paying shouting ‘nooooooo’ , like that was going to make a difference, and then we had to sit in the car and wait for the AA man to come and collect us. You are not alone …❤️

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    1. Good to see I’m not the only one 😊😊 Funnily enough, the doc who fixed Bonnie told me the company he works for has a fleet of Vans for the purpose of changing wrong fuel hiccups 🤣

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      1. I appreciate that. Falling apart on the inside. And it has not been an easy task keeping all my parts as they are. Many condemn me for not being a plastic barbie. No grey hair yet either but 2020 pushing me over the thin line.

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  3. This happened to us in Norway in the middle of nowhere . We did not know our rental car was a diesel 😉. Fortunately, we found out directly at the petrol station. But it took the whole afternoon to clarify the matter with the rental company in Oslo and to wait for our turn at the garage. Here we have different filler types for petrol and diesel now, so you cannot go wrong 😊.

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  4. Well at least you’re not an idiot alone John. I’ve done the same thing a couple of times in my life. Petrol into a diesel engine car and vice versa. Fortunately now when you go to the pumps the nozzles are different sizes. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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  5. The window cleaner was like, “Say what now?!” Hahaha.
    Almost did the same thing in reverse, John, many years ago. In the middle of the day, NOT at night after working hard for endless hours. Started putting diesel into our 280Z. Stopped after just a few squirts. Never would have lived it down with hubby (he loved that car; it was a 20-year-old classic). In fact, I don’t recall if I ever told him about that, lol !!! Just kinda…failed to…report that incident…..? Eeeeeeek

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      1. Oh, I gotcha! Yeah, when we went to the Grand Canyon, my friends were joking about “The Grand Canyon Divorce”…. you know, hubby “accidentally” slipping and falling off a 50-foot cliff. Or wifey.
        Whoever the unfortunate half happens to be, lol !!

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  6. Oh my goodness! Despite the horror, you made me laugh 😉 I am glad Bonnie is well! (My daughter is also a Becky 😉 )
    In my country, we don’t put in our own fuel. We have ‘petrol attendants’ who are paid to do it for us – something about job creation, I guess. The guys up the road at my local station know me well, and know my car… so I never even check when they fill my Sunshine up (my car – she’s bright yellow – ugh! ha ha ha!)
    Here’s hoping they never make that mistake! 😉

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    1. That’s interesting–where do you live, nopassingfancy?
      When I was growing up, that’s the way it was. We never pumped our own gas.
      Glad to know someone’s making jobs for people instead of taking them away.

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  7. My father is a mechanic and he constantly reminds my husband about this (my husband wonders why & sometimes, gets annoyed) until it happened to us. Our car in Saudi Arabia runs on 95 unleaded and our car in the Philippines runs on diesel… and yes, one time we’re on our Christmas vacation in the Phils. same thing happened. We realized it a street away from the gas station.

    Like you, my husband cursed all possible swear words he can utter! 😀 😀 😀
    and I was there telling him to calm down (can’t help laughing a bit) while saying “so now you know why my dad won’t stop reminding you”…

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  8. no worries, thanks
    you should see my chaos, John. Bet I miss lots too
    All the best for 2021
    c in “sleepy Hollow”
    where I’m safest doing little, but writing and sharing
    “my middle-muddled doolittle”

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