Finally! Relief.

So, I was offered a job with Derbyshire Council Council way back at the end of October. After waiting for over 3 months they finally got in touch with me yesterday to tell me they are now in a position to offer me a start date. They asked me how much notice my current employers need from me. After explaining that I had already given them my notice in late December, they replied by saying they are looking at the 20th of February and would that be ok!!! Of course I said “Yesssssss”.

To be honest, their timing was kind of uncanny. Yesterday was my Mum’s birthday. If she had been alive she would have been 95. Strangely, I’ve been decorating my bedroom (I don’t like decorating) and was sorting through suitcases that were blocking the stairway that was built for the attic and came across some of my mum’s possessions. In amongst her things I found a headscarf that she always wore. I put it to my nose and could still smell her. I wished her a happy birthday and carried on sifting through her things. A little later I was painting and silently told my mum that I was going to give DCC until Friday to get in touch with me or I would give up waiting and go back to my former job. Half an hour later I took a break, went downstairs and made myself a coffee. Whilst relaxing I checked through my emails and was pleasantly surprised to find the message from DCC.

Although the last 3 months have been a mixture of relaxation, cooking, cleaning, washing, revamping the garden and decorating, I haven’t really been able to relax properly because of the tender hooks I’ve been hanging by on, waiting to hear if the job is still mine.

So now I’m in the alien world of being relieved and relaxed whilst still decorating! Life! Sure is strange!

91 thoughts on “Finally! Relief.

      1. Always a transition in a new job. I think I’d welcome the busyness at this point. Covid is making me feel so frustrated. How I wish it was over! Glad to hear you say you’re fine!

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      1. Very well thanks! Like yourself, I’ve just started a new job – records management clerk for a law firm, so I finally get to combine my studies and my previous experience in a long term role.

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