Enabling Continued: Who Decides What’s Normal!?

So, the continuation of the life of Mr XYZ. As I alluded to in the last post, he’s an unusual character and instantly likable. However, when I actually take the time to think about him and his outrageous behaviours, I wonder why I like him so much! Should I question my sanity or judgement of people? Then again, who am I to have an opinion on what’s considered ‘Normal’ in today’s society. Maybe he’s sane and Normal, and I’m so mentally weak, that I accept the opinions and pressures of other people !!! Who knows?!?! Anyway, back to XYZ, he’s far more interesting.

Through unwise decisions, fuelled by alcohol and a cocktail of drugs, he managed to get himself arrested and locked up for a weekend in the middle of summer. It wasn’t the first time he’s been arrested for anti social behaviour but this one was especially interesting and annoying and infuriating and self destroying! According to the police report we recieved, he had made his way over to a nearby town, offered to fight anyone and everyone who came within his crazy parameters, and oddly, actually greeted other passers-by with ‘Good evening’ and ‘Have a lovely weekend ‘. Mixed in with this bizarre behaviour, he casually walked alongside a selection of vehicles and scratched them with a key. He was witnessed doing this by 2 policemen who were approaching him. Apparently, when they caught up with him he categorically denied any wrong doing, stating, in a calm, childlike voice “It wasn’t me, I Don’t know why I did it”! So denial and admittance in the same sentence! Like I say, very bizarre! There was also a selection of wheelie bins overturned in his wake, rubbish scattered all over the street.

When they escorted him to the police cells, he was by all accounts very polite and friendly, the model prisoner, saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ when the boys in blue offered him food, drinks and a cigarette. Throughout the time he spent there, which was 6 hours, he joked with everyone who spoke to him. For the rest of the weekend, the police took him to a secure facility, where a psychiatrist evaluated him, and came to the conclusion that he is completely sane. His bizarre behaviour was a result of recreational drugs, one of which was discovered to be class A.

We visited his flat on the following Monday morning, knocked on his door and the door eased open. We pushed the door open and called his name several times. He emerged from his bedroom and hit his toes on the bottom of the door. Despite that, he hopped his way over to us and greeted us, thanking us for visiting him. He was fully clothed but half asleep so we offered to help him tidy up a little bit before taking him into town to support him to buy food and whatever else he needed.

And so his colorful life carried on until his very recent court appearance, where he was found guilty for offences already mentioned and other offences that he has committed after being held in custody.

He more or less got away with it after another psychological evaluation found him to be lacking capacity to be held responsible for his actions! However, he is being evicted from his flat anytime soon. We have very little idea what is going to happen to him regarding where he is going to live or what effect the eviction is going to have on him psychologically. The social worker and our team are fighting for him at the moment. From my personal point of view, I won’t give up on him. His life has been a series of people giving up on him. Not on my watch.

36 thoughts on “Enabling Continued: Who Decides What’s Normal!?

  1. That eviction notice is worrying John. In a properly caring society nobody would be allowed to fall through the cracks. While you and your team do your best for this poor bugger, the world’s richest people are getting wealthier by the minute. It’s sickening.

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  2. Such a sad story, I hope it has a happy ending in the big picture of things. I had an uncle like this. He lived with my grandmother for years until she passed then he lived in an apartment with his brother and sister-in-law for awhile but the drugs always controlled him. He even tried selling one of my vehicles that I was storing at my grandmothers until I could repair it. It was an old mustang. My Nana came out to confront a man that was hitching it up to his trailer to ask him what he was doing. Man said he just bought the vehicle for a couple hundred dollars and was taking it home. My uncle was no where to be seen by that point and was probably off buying drugs with what ever cash he had left. My Nana had to tell the man the vehicle did not belong to her son to sell. It was quite the roller coaster ride with my uncle.

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  3. Ah, you have my admiration and respect! I LOVE how you won’t give up on him!
    Sometimes, even without the help of recreational drugs, we fall into this self destructive pattern of doing things to intentionally push others away, simply because that is exactly how our lives have been : so many have walked away and given up on us, and so we do it before more people can! I can’t even begin to imagine how easy it would be to self destruct like this with the assistance of drugs.
    You just keep loving on him, even when he doesn’t want it!
    And this is me, sending love and a virtual hug to you. You really DO rock! ❀

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  4. People didn’t used to be this way. I think the first orphanages were in Rome. Before that, I think the world was different. Many days have passed since this post. I’m kinda scared to find out what happens.

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