Beautiful Isla: My Granddaughter

This is Isla, we took her some presents and she played with a large walking, talking doll we bought her for a birthday 😍 Then she decided to stand on the kitchen table and pose for a few photographs, smiling all the time and wanting to come to me.

Love her so much 😍😍

Isla Mai

One more photograph when my granddaughter was 7 months old, Enjoying her first little plate of sandwiches and snacks 😍

Party tomorrow afternoon where she will undoubtedly force feed me some snacks, whether I like it or not!!

Liberty, Fraternity, Equality. Hahaha

“Now is the winter of our discontent “. That Shakespeare chap.

It doesn’t really matter anymore about what influenced and contributed to the facts surrounding why the majority of the people of Great Britain voted to leave the EU. The point was that it was a democratic vote. (Ha) Leave won. (Haha) remain was kicked in their ill prepared, unprotected testicles. (Hehehe)

However, here are the factors as I see them, and remember, I’m not politically minded, but I have a voice (I think)

Leave voted leave to end the overpowering, totalitarian influence the EU has over the laws passed in this fractured United Kingdom. Let’s face it, who on gods green earth would even dream up a zero hour contract for people who want to actually earn money to live a half decent life. It’s a brilliant and callous way for the government to fiddle the unemployment figures!!

Point of fact. My eldest son is on one of those forged in the bowels of hell ‘Zero hour’ contracts. One week he may work 4 hours, leaving him destitute. The next week he may work 16 hours, the following week 10 hours! I’m pretty sure he is only one of tens of thousands who are being butt fucked by the government, but it’s a perfect and outrageously legal way of fiddling the unemployment figures! It’s an ‘I’m alright Jack’ scenario that infests this country (Nice one EU) It’s as if the government have a constant case of explosive diarrhoea, and the people on zero hour contracts are their very cheap but effective toilet paper!!

Leave voted to end the overwhelming amount of immigrants entering the U.K. which not least, has and is contributing to the NHS creaking and dying under the relentless pressure to provide a faster, better response to the growing number of people who are in dire need of vital treatment and emergency assistance. The waiting times for people in need of doctors and hospital appointments has gone through the roof.

Leavers voted leave because they see a free market and free trade as an independent way forward to boost the country economically. But even more than that, leave voters regard handing over around about 8 billion a year (Estimate) as a criminal misuse of the tax payers money! No wonder we have ex-service men living and sleeping on the streets all over the U.K., especially evident in the ‘Financial heart’ of London. Disgusting, ridiculous and shameful!!

The majority voted leave as a way of protesting against the elitist, corrupt establishment who time and time again ignore the will of the people, the very same people whose taxes keep them in their ‘I’m alright Jack’ bubble. It’s ironic that the same people who were voted into their constituencies, who were given the job of becoming the people’s voice in parliament, blatantly ignore the people’s voice! The shameless disregard of a democratic vote to leave is ironically the perfect example that democracy does not actually exist in the U.K. Unless of course, democracy directly benefits the elitist establishment.

Of course, it’s difficult to blame the elitist for wanting to remain in the European Union, after all, who wants to move away from a system that makes you richer. The mega rich footballer doesn’t play for a team who pays them less money to play for them, he plays for the highest bidder, at times at the expense of his own integrity. However, it only makes the rich more powerful, and in direct contrast, the poor without a voice and therefore, inconsequential.

The bottom line is this. The leave vote won, the people’s voice won. But the fact that the U.K. has not and probably will not leave the EU is absolute proof that democracy is dead, but then again , it never really lived in this country! Did it?

Liberty, Fraternity, equality. Load of bollocks. Bring out the guillotine!

In The Shadow Of Wedgwood

So, this is the story behind my mum’s maiden name, which was Wedgwood. She often used to rant (Through the heat of the moment, I think!) that she wished she had never married (Dad wasn’t the best!) nd remained a Wedgwood! Anyway, It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I found out she was a distant member of the famous Wedgwood pottery family. (At the time, I knew nothing about this famous pottery family) Apparently, her eldest sister had looked into the family history after her father had mentioned it to her whilst he was in one of his drunken stupors.

Somewhere down the line, so my mum told me, one of the male Wedgwood’s married one of the maids in the house. So, because of that, he was written out of the family fortune because he had married ‘Beneath’ him. (Those posh folk eh, bloody silly if you ask me!)

My mum owned two Wedgwood candle sticks, which she obviously wasn’t bothered about because unbelievably, she allowed me to use them as pretend guns and as makeshift goalposts for my homemade Subbuteo game! I remember accidentally breaking one of them, but I have no idea where the other one went! (Sorry mum and antique collectors, shame on me)

So, as luck (Or not) would have it, we were distantly related to renowned Labour MP, Anthony Wedgwood Benn until his death in 2014. Benn was born in 1925, a year before my mum was born. Mum passed away in 2006, but the facial resemblance and their physical stature were uncanny.

Sometime during the early to mid 80s, he came to the town I live in to deliver a speech in the run-up to a general election. (At least I think it was a general election) My mum went to the hall, dressed in her Sunday best to where he was ‘giving it some’ to the baying Labourettes, and had a photograph taken with him. When I saw the photograph, it was as if brother and sister had come together in one of those long lost family reunion shows on tv.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what happened to my mums photographs when she passed away. (My brother or sister may have them but we’re not in touch)

But here is a photograph of my mum followed by Mr Benn (No pun intended)

Although this isn’t the best photograph of my mum, I think it illustrates a definite resemblance.

The photograph of them together was really nice, he had his arm around mums shoulder and their smile was almost identical!

For years after I would affectionately call her ‘Wedgy’ just to get her gander up because he ‘Tony’ was often referred to by the same name.

Come to think of it, mum had a very similar view on politics as Mr Benn, very much an old socialist who never missed a chance to voice her opinions on the “They all piss in the same pot” brigade.

This memory came back to me today because she would always sit in front of the television on Remembrance Sunday and cry when they played the last post.

I like to think that if there is some sort of afterlife, then mum’s sat with Tony, chatting with him about his policies and teasing him with “Where’s my share of the family fortune”?

My mums father (Grandad) fought in the First World War, So for Grandad, and all those who lost their life. We will remember them.

Street Football And Looking For UFOs

When I was about 11ish, there was a group of us, myself, my brother and my mates, all living within a 2 minute walk of each other. All shapes and sizes, with about a 6 year difference between us all. (My brother had just left school, I was the youngest) Thinking back, we were a pretty close knit bunch of wannabe footballers and adventure seekers. After school, we would gather on the corner of the street, about 8 of 9 of us, pick teams and play football until the sun went down over the rooftops of the terraced houses. Everyone’s parents would call us in for tea about 5pm. We’d scarper, eat as quickly as possible without choking and reconvene on the corner of our makeshift football pitch to carry on the game.

We didn’t have goalposts so we improvised. A large gable end of a house at the end of the terrace became our goal. We would get some chalk and draw white posts and a crossbar on the brick, as close to ‘Proper’ size as possible! The neighbor who lived there at the time must have really appreciated us!!! Not only were we blasting the ball against his living-room wall every evening, and making a god awful noise, we were systematically defacing his property every day!!! I remember going into the living-room once because my mum asked me to knock on their door and ask for a little bit of sugar! He answered the door like Medusa and told me to stand in the room whilst the football hit his wall. It made a hell of a sound, like a balloon popping but the sound was muffled and echoed!! (It didn’t stop us playing football!)

The UFO fascination came about one evening whilst we were playing football. It was pretty late in the evening, the stars were just starting to become visible and we were coming to the end of a penalty shootout! Myself and Tony, my bestest, best childhood buddy were sat on the pavement, waiting for the victor to emerge. Whilst I was concentrating on the football, he nudged me and told me to look up at the sky. I looked up and watched a distant white light acting weirdly. Me and Tony watched it changing directions, seemingly turn on and off, change colour then completely disappear. (No joke)

We tried our best to get the attention of the others but they were deep into scoring the winning penalty at Wembley.

Myself and Tony were hooked. From that moment on we agreed to keep a lookout for UFOs every night after football.

We chose my back garden as the darkest, quietest place to scan the skies. We had flat, grassy parts we could lay down on and it allowed for a panoramic view of the night sky. My mum didn’t seem to mind us laying on the garden looking up at the sky, probably because she actually knew where I was!

Over the course of the summer, we saw some lights that our overactive imagination wouldn’t allow us to make sense of. Actually, one night, when we were laid there, facing the night sky, we saw 4 red and green lights, travelling very slowly, all in line, spaced pretty evenly apart. What made it more interesting was our neighbour who lived in the house on the opposite corner of the ‘football house’! He was on his back garden putting something away in his shed when he called to his wife to come into the garden. I few seconds later we heard him say “Look at that” pointing up to the sky. Tony and I raised ourselves up onto an elbow, looked across the garden and realised they were looking at the same lights in the sky that we were watching. We laid back down and watched as the lights disappeared, then we heard the neighbours back door click, indicating they had gone indoors.

That was a fascinating and memorable night, and kept the conversation of UFOs the topic of conversation between me and Tony for weeks after.

Thinking back, what we saw were probably just military planes on some sort of training exercise, but at the time, we were convinced, probably because two adults had seen the same thing, that we had definitely seen alien craft from a distant galaxy!

Its just a nice memory but knows what else exists in the millions of galaxies that we know nothing about! Makes the mind boggle!

Egyptians, The Pineal Gland And Bones!

I’ve had a couple of days off work (Annual Leave) so I spent 3 hours of that time watching a documentary about the Pyramids and ancient Egyptians. Fascinating culture.

The most interesting thing for me concerned Tutankhamen, and how historians have fashioned a theory around carefully deciphered facts, that he was a very spiritual individual, a king that led by peaceful example, which was reflected in the people he ruled over, who apparently, were so spiritually enlightened that the kingdom was a virtual ‘Shangri-la’.

It’s interesting that his alleged father, King Akhenaten, who founded the city of Amarna, where Tutankhamen eventually ruled, was a very spiritual person, who valued freedom of expression and creativity over material growth and wealth. (It’s a shame our world leaders don’t follow the same principles) Akhenaten’s methods of ruling meant monetary wealth was unimportant, only personal growth, happiness and enlightenment were valued. (Therefore, his methods of ruling were frowned upon by some because it didn’t make the rich more wealthy. (Where have we seen that before?!)

Anyway, enough of the history lesson, what I found intriguing was this. The citizens of this shangri-la had the alleged ability to access and activate the sixth sense, the subconscious, or a place of absolute tranquility (Or whatever you want to call it)

Apparently, they were able to do this through the use of ingredients extracted from the Blue Lotus. This ‘Lilly’ held properties that stimulated the Pineal Gland, which was thought to be a sort of gateway to the path of ‘Seeing’ an alternative dimension or existence. Developing access to the Pineal was also a way of utilising the periphery of senses!! that allowed them the use of 360 senses. (And I thought the 6th sense was unattainable)

So, out of interest, I did a little research about the Blue Lotus to discover what the Egyptians extracted from it. (Please don’t read into this. I do not believe I have the ability to replicate what the Egyptians did in an attempt to transport myself to a happy-go-lucky dimension where McDonald’s are good for you and free)

However, I did discover that the extraction of vitamins K1 and K2 from the Lilly were mostly responsible for reactivating the Pineal Gland. They did this by stripping away the build-up of calcium that encased the Gland, which occurs because of a lack of use. This calcium shell prevented the utilisation of the gland.

Also, because of these vitamin’s combined ability to dissolve calcium, vitamin D3 along with a calcium product was also administered (Not sure how) to counteract the affects of the breakdown of essential calcium in the bone.

I discovered that the use of these vitamins along with a calcium supplement can not only help in the prevention of osteoporosis but it can also help to reverse the process and regenerate diseased bone.

I know it sounds crazy, but a little light came on regarding my wife. She has the early symptoms of osteoporosis, diagnosed by doctors at the hospital a few years ago. Despite painkillers and occasional injections into the spine, she is becoming slowly worse. So I’ve considered this ancient form of supplementation and ordered some today.

I hope I haven’t made a catastrophic mistake, because at the moment, she appears to know everything 😂 I’ve given up consulting Google, I just ask the wife !! 😂 Imagine what my life would be like if she developed 360 senses!!

Seriously, anything is worth a try and you never know, I might even get the opportunity to speak with someone who is on the same level of intellect as Tutankhamen!!