Hello New Year, Good Riddance 2020

I don’t know about you, but I’m creeping into the new year on my tippy toes, hoping it doesn’t see me, so I can go about my business without being restricted by the tier system.

Like many people, we were meant to be meeting up with a very small group of family and friends to open the door for a new year. With most of the country going into tier 4, it’ll just be me, the wife and my youngest stepson.

It will be quiet but probably nice to relax with a few drinks without leaving the house, listening and watching music videos on YouTube.

I hope everyone I follow and talk to on WordPress, as well as those who follow me on here, have as good a new year as they possibly can do.

I’ll raise a glass of single malt tonight at 00.00 and push 2020 to the recesses of my mind and hope that 2021 is not written by Stephen king.

Cheers everybody. Happy New Year.

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