The living room and bathroom makeover took 10 weeks to complete, and during that time we had to live in the bedroom. I tell you what, after living in the bedroom for 10 weeks I can understand why those who live in a bedsit permanently go stir crazy and hit the pub on a regular basis. I (We) were going insane. Horrible experience!!

Anyway, 2 days before I completed everything, I was laid on my bed, relaxing before work with the help of some crap on the tv when I experienced a very strange event.

I had my windows open because it was very humid and from nowhere, a starling flew in through the window and perched itself on the bed beside me! I was startled, but the bird just looked at me. I stared back for a few seconds and stupidly asked it “What the bloody hell do you want “? Half expecting it to chirp out an answer!

I considered my options, which was actually just one option. To slowly get off the bed on the other side and try to creep up behind it. Of course I was concerned that any movement would force him/her to fly around and shit all over the bedroom!

I had no choice, so I slid across the bed, never taking my eyes off him/her/it!!! Unbelievably, the bird very calmly watched me move without moving as much as a feather. I was waiting for a frenzied flapping of wings but it never came!

I slid past the bird like a slow motion mime artist to get in behind him/her, and the birds head swivelled to keep those beady eyes on me. I wasn’t sure how to approach the capture, so I moved as fast as I could and closed my hand around its body as gently as I could. Then all bird hell broke loose. The squawking started. One of the wings broke free and flapped like a Tottenham fan in the West Ham home end. I spun around quickly and guided him towards the window and let the poor bird go. The bird flew through the window and away to freedom, but not without leaving a personal message on the windowsill.

It was a surreal experience but at the same time, an enjoyable one. Anyway, I thought I’d share it and ask, has anybody else had a similar experience?

26 thoughts on “Starling

  1. Can’t say that I’ve had that experience. Window screens do little to keep bugs out BUT they do keep birds away.

    On the bright side, you got it out of the house without hurting it. 🙂

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  2. A friend once lived in Brighton, as a student. With some mates, he had taken a good dose of magic mushrooms. As they sat on the floor, an owl suddenly flew into the room through an open window, and alighted on the bed. Looking them all up and down, as they tried to work out if they were hallucinating or not! And then flew off again, as calmly as , like one of the prawn sandwich brigade at Old Trafford.

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  3. 😂😂😂 what a very small creature can do! Didn’t experience something similar except my mother saved a baby bird lately and last week he started to fly small distances and suddenly I saw something like a rocket coming towards me, I covered my face and turned around so he landed on my back 😀 of course my mother took it before leaving me a gift which he did everywhere 😂

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