Rest Day In Disguise

Just a quick one. Today was supposed to be my day off work, indicated by the staff rota, which most working people plan their lifes around. So, 3.20 this afternoon I receive a phone call from the manager asking me where I am!

Obviously I tell her exactly where I am, sat in front of the TV at home. The manager insists I should be at work but I insist that according to the rota on my phone, I’m not down to work.

She, the manager, checks the rota again and confirms I’m supposed to be on shift 3 until 10.

It turns out that the rota was amended without actually informing the members of staff the changes directly effect!!

So, through no fault of my own, I arrived at work 1 hour and 45 minutes late.

Incompetence springs to mind and it completely effected the plans I had made for the afternoon. It also had an effect on my mood. I was ‘Down in the dumps’ for an hour but I’m ok now.

I’ve actually got time to write this very short rant.

Have a lovely evening.

21 thoughts on “Rest Day In Disguise

  1. Oh I know that feeling so well! Changing rotas and sticking it on the notice board, and expecting staff who have not been at work since the new rota went up, to know – it is such a buffoon-like thing to do.
    I am impressed that you went in at all. I am too busy on my days off to be receiving phone calls from incompetent supervisors. If they mess with my shifts, they will quickly learn what happens.

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