After A Long, Long Day

Today, I started work at 7am and I’ve just finished. It’s been a long difficult day, full of ups, downs with plenty of mental stress sprinkled in for good fortune!!

When I arrived home this evening, dragging my feet behind me, I was greeted with a Christmas tree newly erected. The cat wasn’t to bothered by my appearance or the tree but it was a welcome sight that immediately helped to sooth my aching bones.

The tree is a sure sign that the Christmas spirit is entertaining our house, punctuated by the fact I only have a few more days to work until I leave my present job.

Right now I have a warm feeling inside me.

78 thoughts on “After A Long, Long Day

  1. A friend just sent me a photo of him standing, drink in hand (Manhattan), next to an aluminum pole. He was wearing a Festivus for the Restofus shirt. I wish I could send the image. You need to have watched Seinfeld to know the meaning of the pole.
    Your tree looks lots more festive. The lights sooth somehow. I have two fake trees in a covered porch room year round, decked with white fairy lights and souvenirs I’ve brought back from travels. In a Dickens sense, it remains me to honor the spirit of the season year round. You have a lovely family. Happy holidays and good vibes year round!

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    1. Thanks Jo, I’m not familiar with Seinfeld but I’ll have a look to understand what you mean πŸ‘ A Christmas Tree gives any room a warm festive feeling. Hope you and yours have a great Christmas and new year 🎁🎁🎁

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      1. Festivus for the rest of us was a gag, and a plain ol aluminum pole that the Jewish dad of George, Jerry Seinfeld’s sidekick, introduced…quite drole though in general I wasn’t a big fan of the TV show. Cheers!

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    2. Hi John,
      A Seinfeld addict here. I totally get the humor. Being a native New Yorker helps me find even more humor from the show. You recently liked my article “NAME THAT STENCH: My Family’s Epic Minivan Game” posted on Little Old Lady Comedy. Thanks.
      If you liked that, you’ll love my ludicrous, non-political blog: A recent article, AN EMOTIONAL GOODBYE TO MY MECAHNICAL MISTRESS, THE FAMILY MINIVAN, is very similar.
      Stay well

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    1. Yes. My manager asked me to work my notice because people who leave the place were I work just up and leave without any warning. I’ve given them 2 months to find someone to replace me.
      I think I’ll start the new job early January.

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      1. I thought it was two weeks, but I guess that is in America. In Denmark it is one month. In Germany it is THREE months, but both ways. They try, of course to avoid that by making people work on time limited contracts.

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  2. I can’t believe your cat could care less about your beautiful tree. I wouldn’t either with a cool bed like that. I need to get a cat bed like that for our cats. They are stalking our tree all the time now, waiting for the perfect time when we aren’t looking to take that tree down.

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    1. Thanks mate πŸ‘ Day off today, work Tomorrow, 2 days off, work Saturday Sunday and then I’m leaving my place of work. Taking Christmas and new year off for the 1st time in years. It’ll be a bright yule after Sunday mate πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  3. Wow, we in the US seem to have the least amount of time required to give management when leaving a job. Two weeks seems very paltry in the face of you guys’ one month, two months, three months. Ah, well.

    Hey! We have that exact same stand, and I think it’s the exact same-sized tree. It’s not real, right?
    Do you have an Ikea near you, by any chance? lol ! !

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  4. Sorry–we’re probably not supposed to speak about “fake’ trees out loud, huh? But they look just as good, and they don’t die!
    Our lights are very similar, John! But they’re white instead of gold. We’re not putting our tree up this year, tho. We decided not to celebrate x-mas this year. Well…just by drinking rum-laced eggnog with whipped cream in it.

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  5. Yes! And Google knows all! LOL

    BTW, just for the record, we haven’t been to Ikea for at least a decade.
    Don’t want everybody thinking we jog over there every weekend and contribute to the Ikea family’s yachts and mansions strewn all across Sweden!

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      1. LMAO
        Nooooooo! Weeee haaaaae nooooot !!! It’s been a decade and a half, even, I think!

        But the meatballs–you just reminded me! LOVE THEM ! ! !

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    1. 🀣🀣🀣🀣 really 🀣🀣 sorry, it’s not funny. You know what, my cat moved himself into my house during the summer about 4 years ago and he’s never done that. He sleeps and eats and likes a stroke but goes out to do his business.

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  6. This picture made ME feel warm inside. ❀
    I am struggling to find my Christmas spirit this year…. so last night I watched Home Alone 2, and woke up singing carols this morning…. it's slowly but surely finding me πŸ˜‰

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      1. I love the first one too…. but I do NOT love that spider, ha ha ha!
        There is something about the second one though… the old lady living in the park with her birds…. forgotten and broken hearted.
        The gift of the turtle doves? A promise of love… and to remember… it makes me sob every time. And it stirs my Christmas spirit πŸ˜‰ ❀

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    1. It was quite most of the time but it was nice thank you 😊 I kind of miss my old job. Probably because I haven’t started my new one yet 🀣 But thank you. Hope yours was enjoyable

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