Viva Skeg-Vagas Part 2

Before I carry on this account of our trip to Skeg-Vagas, I have been ‘Told off’ by the wife ‘Musslini ‘ (Angie) Not only am I referring to her by the wrong nickname, (Apparently, I called her Mother Hen in previous posts) also, she doesn’t like being compared to the infamous dictator! So, it is with heavy heart (And a grin on my face) that I must STOP (She’s dictating) calling her Musslini. So, Musslini it is then (Because I refuse to be dictated to. Bloody dictators, they’re all the same)

Ohhhhhh what a ball ache!!! Gaining entry into the caravan was a struggle. (Note to self: Do not attempt to become a safe crackers’ apprentice) To gain entry, Angie ‘Musslini ‘ was asked to download an app that opened a keysafe through the Bluetooth on her mobile. The problem was, it didn’t work, which made Musslini very ‘Goose steppingly’ angry!! She glared at me and turned me to stone, in fact we all stood like statues for about 10 minutes, only our eyes daring to move around like Thunderbird puppets, when a neighbour came to try and (Rescue) help us. He knew the owner and rang him to let him know Musslini was very angry. (Only joking Angie, please don’t hurt me!!) Luckily, through that phone call, we managed to get in. We had a rest for a little while and then walked the short distance to a pub! All went well, we all got nicely drunk and wandered back to the caravan, where Musslini made us all eat Ham and Cheese sandwiches because THEY ARE GOOD FOR YOU!!! (She’s going to kill me)

We took to our ‘Beds’ and almost everyone slept well. I say almost because I mean one person slept well. ‘It’s Lovely’ slept well between Ham Shanks, which helped to keep us awake and vomiting!! (Only joking Mel) Jackie Gravedigger and Stuey Shuffle slept on 2 narrow singles, It’s Lovely slept in the living space on the sofa because he couldn’t be arsed to pull out the bed and me and Angie Musslini had the double bedroom. However, in the morning, when Stuey finally came out of the bedroom to join the rest of us, they ‘Stu and Jackie’ informed us he hadn’t been able to sleep much because he had been effectively stuck in one position throughout the night. Actually, the sound of Jackie’s elbow smashing repeatedly against the paper thin wall may have been the reason he hadn’t slept well, because it was definitely the reason we didn’t sleep well!!! Meanwhile, It’s Lovely was unsurprisingly devoid of life, looking exhausted but with a satisfied grin on his face!!! We all agreed, before walking to a restaurant for a full English, that a swapping of sleeping arrangements was needed. (NOT that type of swapping!!) Or more precisely, It’s Lovely would stay in the living room, beating the night away whilst me and Angie would swap bedrooms with Stu and Jackie. It was during those early moments of conversation, just after the bedroom arrangements had been finalised, that my eyes began to bleed!! (More about that later)

27 thoughts on “Viva Skeg-Vagas Part 2

  1. A comedy of errors if I ever heard one, lol !! I can just see the overhead shot…we’re looking down on all of you in your various rooms, everybody rolling around, snoring, maybe staring at the ceiling (with a tear rolling down one’s cheek) and engaging….in other….activities. I, too, am afraid of the eyes bleeding part, lol !!!

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